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At the end of this year, we are witnessing the start of the rise in mortgage rates. It seems that banks are starting to change their policies and that a new trend is starting to emerge: the rise in real estate interest rates.

The end of record minimum rates

The end of record minimum rates

Because they had reached historic lows, the minimum rates, which are presented to the so-called “ premium ” profiles, are starting to show increases. Indeed, we observe that:

  • three terms have increasing minimum rates : 7, 10 and 20 years. These increases are between 2 and 5 cents. These credit rates over these terms now show respectively 0.50%, 0.65% and 1.10%;

  • two durations remain stable. This is the minimum rate over 15 years (still 0.90% since mid-September) and that over 25 years at 1.25%;

  • only the 30-year interest rate drops by 10 cents.

Make way for rising average rates

Make way for rising average rates

Despite the slowdown in minimum rate cuts, average rates were still showing slight declines in November. Gone thing.

We note that:

  • four average rates are up. These increases vary between 5 and 10 cents. Interest rates over 7, 15, 20 and 25 years are affected by these increases. Thus, the average loan rates over these durations show respectively 1.10%, 1.40%, 1.60% and 1.85% in December;

  • the two remaining terms (10 and 30 years) show stable average loan rates compared to November : 1.10% over 10 years and 2.45% over 30 years.

What future for real estate rates?

What future for real estate rates?

As Cheska Galore, Director of Studies and Communication points out, “ the upward movement is there. It is the majority in the scales of banks and the last month of the year is not the only explanation for this movement. The information deserves to be brought to the attention of borrowers, for those who delay in advancing their project when the decision is made to launch, whether it is a renegotiation of credit or an acquisition. You should no longer wait for hypothetically better conditions.

For acquisitions, make sure that the bank will be able to process your file as soon as possible if you are in a hurry. Unless you have access to the PTZ, you will have to wait until January. For renegotiations, there is still time to act, but a difference of 10 or 20 cents can penalize you and make the renegotiation obsolete or limit its impact. Take action. ”

Would you like to become an owner ? Now may be the time for you to do a home loan comparison.


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Bank offers a small quick loans. /bank-offers-a-small-quick-loans/ /bank-offers-a-small-quick-loans/#respond Mon, 23 Dec 2019 14:09:28 +0000 /bank-offers-a-small-quick-loans/

Self-employed workers and freelancers may also find themselves in the situation of having to apply for a loan. There are several possibilities that the market offers, but there is not much information available, so today we are concerned with how we can apply for a fast loan for a sole proprietorship. The story is on

Company Loans: The necessary conditions and Invitalia

Company Loans: The necessary conditions and Invitalia

Let’s start by clarifying that personal loan for sole proprietorships can be linked to starting the business or maintaining / supporting it. In the first case, legislative decree 185/2000 made it clear how young entrepreneurs (aged between 18 and 35) can receive various types of financing. This loan category is managed by Invitalia, an entity that deals with seeking and perfecting loan solutions that can support young people who want to set up an individual company, with a particular focus on young people who live in areas with levels of employment below the average, subject to high school dropout, or still characterized by massive immigration flows.

In these regions, in fact, self-employment appears to be a real lifeline both economically and socially. With these awarenesses, Invitalia actually prepares a ranking that sorts by merit all those entitled who have requested access to this type of credit. The necessary requirements are specified in the public announcement which also clarifies the methods of submitting the application, which can in almost all cases also be submitted online.

Taking a look at the Invitalia website will help you understand what are the different possibilities offered by category and by region.

Regional calls

Regional calls

As can be guessed, loans of this type and the activities they support have a significant impact also from a territorial point of view, affecting the economy and the employment rate of the same. Precisely for this reason, there are many local, regional or provincial realities, which directly or through sponsored associations, promote tenders and projects aimed at helping those who have an entrepreneurial idea and want to implement it. Loans linked to these initiatives are characterized by very low interest rates and therefore offer good room for maneuver.

Loans for self-employed worker through banks

Loans for self-employed worker through banks

Banking institutions also offer loans of this type, which, however, are often disappointed in having to finance people without employment, who however thanks to that loan can change their situation, however taking risks that could make it difficult to return to the loan.

Title II of Legislative Decree 185/200 clarifies how a self-employed person who is setting up a new company can request subsidized financing upon presentation of a project that clarifies the timing and time of repayment of the investment. The projects, therefore, must be real and measurable. Just as it happens for the appraisal of a house on which a mortgage will be taken out, a dedicated team of the bank will take care of judging the project and then approving the plan and financing.

Always the banks, can also offer loan solutions to those who already have an individual company in place but need to expand or support it. The loan conditions are in fact comparable to those related to the request of an individual. Even in this case, in fact, the subject will have to provide guarantees or alternatively turn on mortgages on any properties owned, so as to guarantee the repayment in the loan.

Although the local or state incentives are not comparable to those reserved for young future entrepreneurs, it is nevertheless possible to find solutions and calls aimed at promoting the economic development of the area, also favoring the expansion of the economic activities already in place and that need development actions, to varying degrees.

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Online credit without identity checking. /online-credit-without-identity-checking/ /online-credit-without-identity-checking/#respond Thu, 19 Dec 2019 00:59:08 +0000 /online-credit-without-identity-checking/

Online loans enable very quick and easy processing and are a very good alternative to a normal loan from a local bank. Unfortunately, according to the Money Laundering Act, all Cream Banks that offer online loans have to require their customers to use a Postident procedure. More exposition at

This process, which is quite annoying for the customer, takes a lot of time and represents a great effort. For this reason, there is no way in Germany to get an online loan without Postident. This procedure is of course not used at a local bank, since the bank knows the customer personally.

Unfortunately impossible in Germany

Unfortunately impossible in Germany

If you want to apply for an online credit without Postident, you have a very bad card, because you will not find a Cream Bank that will do without the Postident procedure. The alternative would be a normal loan from a local bank or a car loan, for both loans no postident procedure is required.

Direct banks that do not know their customers personally want and need to be convinced of their identity. For this reason, the rather complex procedure is used for every loan application.

For many borrowers, an online loan without Postident would be even more convenient and could be applied for even faster, but the Cream Banking Act stands in the way. Without this procedure, the banks would not be able to offer online loans at all, so customers will have to endure the Postident procedure for good or bad, or go to a local bank.

Either Postident or a suitable loan on site

Either Postident or a suitable loan on site

Since online credit is unfortunately not possible without Postident, borrowers only have to go to a local bank. In such a case, the customers would not benefit from the favorable online conditions, the situation with foreign banks is not much different, here, too, the donors are usually bound by law to the unpopular process and there is no possibility of online Credit without postident.

At least the Postident procedure is free of charge for the borrower, nevertheless he must be able to prove his identity with his ID card at a German post office. Of course, this makes an online loan a little less attractive because not all the necessary steps can be carried out conveniently over the Internet.

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Borrow money from bank – Personal Loan /borrow-money-from-bank-personal-loan/ /borrow-money-from-bank-personal-loan/#respond Thu, 05 Dec 2019 00:39:35 +0000 /borrow-money-from-bank-personal-loan/

Cheaper to borrow money for the purchase of real estate

Cheaper to borrow money for the purchase of real estate

The Agree Bank is responsible for the processing of the financed loans. In the spring issue of our bank newspaper transparenz, it has never been so cheap in Switzerland to borrow money to buy a property. The other part that we four will contribute by saving the money together and lending it to friends and family. The grandchildren open three bank accounts and put money into them.

Never before in Switzerland was it cheaper to borrow money for the purchase of real estate. The prices are so under pressure that some banks no longer come along. The prices for these were at a historic lows end of March with an average benchmark interest rate of 1.2 percentage points for ten-year mortgages, as a study of the counter-price.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s five-year mortgages fell below the “psychologically important” 1-percent mark. In addition to the low interest rates of the central banks, increasingly intense competitive pressure is curbing interest rates. For example, five-year fixed rate mortgages are sometimes cheaper than those associated with the reference interest rate Libor.

Transport costs are included

Transport costs are included

The greedy and stormy bustle of banking on the living room table is projected by the great Reebach. In addition to the sophisticated and multi-layered game design, the large Reifenbach impresses above all with its detailed portrayals, its rich criticisms of the financial markets and its absolutely future-oriented staging. As an average citizen, you think the game and our project are great, but you do not want any more bells and whistles: you get a copy of the great grief in the release phase.

In Germany, the transport costs are included. You find the great Reifenbach so wonderful that you want to help us recklessly and without regard to it. You are more lazy-type and prefer to play “The Big Frenzy” with your girlfriends, rather than buying your own piece? Nevertheless, are you so pleased with our intention that you would like to accompany us with your support?

In Germany, the transport costs are included. Not only do you love our offer, you also want it to be seen by everyone else. You will receive a copy of the Great Grief in the publication period and your last name will be mentioned by the promoters on the first sketch of the manual. The delivery of the game within Germany is included.

You know that as a cunning banker, you have to spend a lot of money to commit the great murder: you get three copies of the big rub with volume discount in the period of publication. The delivery within Germany is included. Not only do you have enough small change, but you also think that your facial expressions on the banknotes of the game would be better than our beautiful heads: you get three times the big ruff in the release period and also three play money sets in which you Portrait rests on all banknotes.

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How peer to peer private family loans work. /how-peer-to-peer-private-family-loans-work/ /how-peer-to-peer-private-family-loans-work/#respond Thu, 28 Nov 2019 13:55:16 +0000 /how-peer-to-peer-private-family-loans-work/


Today we talk about loans between individuals, very simple loans that are a real alternative to the normal traditional personal loans that are requested in banks or credit institutions. Let’s start with the main premise that, loans between private individuals are divided into two categories, namely peer-to-peer loans which are available on all platforms called “social lending” and private loans between family members which can be requested via private way. Both these forms of loan have in common the fact that they do not include any form of communication with the banks by the applicant.

Loans between private peer to peer

Loans between private peer to peer

Loans between peer to peer individuals can be requested through social leading, i.e. credit companies that are becoming increasingly popular in Italy, and which are becoming a valid alternative to banks as regards the world of loans. In practice, the exchange of loans therefore takes place in a virtual way and occurs through the digital platforms of some companies, companies that are authorized to work in the world of Social Lending.

These interpersonal loans are different from normal forms of financing also in that they are credit products that are totally independent of the presence of bank and financial intercessors. The digital peculiarity of this loan and the total absence of intermediary forms mean that the companies that deal with personal loans can usually offer their customers very low interest rates compared to the average.

Loans between individuals: loans between friends and relatives

Loans between individuals: loans between friends and relatives

A second type of loan between individuals provides those forms of financing directly between family members, friends, spouses and so on. These loans (read reviews on loans between individuals here) are an excellent alternative to the traditional forms of loan that are offered by banks and financial agencies.

Compared to loans obtainable from a bank or via the internet, these loans between private individuals allow the applicant to have an advantageous saving on the cost of interest rates. In fact, from case to case, you can decide together with the “loan donor ” what the interest percentage of the loan is, which can be very low or even equivalent to zero.

If you choose the zero rate, this is called a “donation”. Since the value of interest is not a value that is established by law, the two parties involved in the loan have the possibility to determine in total autonomy what the share of the interest will be. These quotas, however, must not be greater than the thresholds that the law establishes to protect parts from wear.

Goodweb: a platform for private loans

Smartweb: a platform for private loans

On the internet you can request personal loans between private Goodweb from a minimum of 1,000 up to a maximum of 15,000 USD, to be repaid from 12 to 28 months. This loan is given by the lenders present on Goodweb, or the people who have decided to offer their money for this purpose. To apply for this loan, the procedure is online, you don’t have to go to any bank. In a few minutes Goodweb will give his evaluation and communicate the conditions of the loan. The sum is delivered in a few days and is paid directly to your bank account.

To apply for the loan just fill in the request with all your personal and income information necessary for the success of the practice, also you must specify what the purpose of the loan is. Once all the documentation has been completed, signed through the digital signature service and given the consent to Goodweb to be able to check your credit situation, just send the request and in a few days you will have the requested money.

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Transfer of the fifth to bad payers. – 50 thousand dollar loan /transfer-of-the-fifth-to-bad-payers-50-thousand-dollar-loan/ /transfer-of-the-fifth-to-bad-payers-50-thousand-dollar-loan/#respond Sat, 23 Nov 2019 13:58:54 +0000 /transfer-of-the-fifth-to-bad-payers-50-thousand-dollar-loan/

The loan through the assignment of the fifth of the salary is a perfect type of financing to obtain a sum of money even for workers who have been protested or called bad payers who are therefore reported in the databases of the financial and credit institutions because they have had delays in payments or even the interruption in the repayment of previously obtained loans.

Through the assignment of the fifth,

Both the protested and the bad payers have the possibility of requesting a loan in peace and then repaying it through convenient monthly installments which are automatically deducted by their employer, removing the sum of the installment from the paycheck every month.

Therefore, taking away the risk of not receiving payments from the holder of the loan, there is no need for the bank or the bank to have to ask for large guarantees from the customer and to have to investigate its credit history. In this article, we will see which are some of the financial institutions that provide assignments of the fifth to bad payers.

Bank transfer of the fifth for bad payers for ten years

Bank transfer of the fifth for bad payers for ten years

Thanks to the loan through the transfer of the fifth of the Best Credit monetary group, bad payers can manage to request and obtain the disbursement of a personal loan without difficulty. He can repay all the installments to be paid to the credit agency through a very convenient amortization plan that can go up to a maximum of 120 months and the maximum amount that can be obtained reaches the amount of 50,000 USD.

The interested customer can request assistance and a totally free estimate on the Best Credit website. In fact, it is sufficient to correctly fill in all the fields on the form and by entering some main information you will be contacted in no time by a company consultant who will evaluate together with the customer the best solution suited to his needs.

Best Credit evaluates the requests for assignment of the fifth for bad payers by different categories of customers such as state or ministerial employees, civil servants, employees of private companies and finally also pensioners who will have their coupon as guarantee of the pension from which the installments of the pension will be deducted.

As regards state employees, ministerial and public employees, the length of service at their job required is equivalent to a minimum of three months, while for private employees, to receive the assignment of the fifth, there is a need of a longer seniority period which is not the same for everyone but depends on each case based on the characteristics of the customer.

Bank transfers of the fifth up to 50 thousand USD also for bad payers

Bank transfers of the fifth up to 50 thousand USD also for bad payers

Public or ministerial employees, private employees or retired persons who have been protested or placed on the list of bad payers can also request a sum of money up to a maximum of 50,000 USD, through the loan through the assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension.

Also in the case of Good Finance we speak of a personal loan which sees as main feature the repayment of all the monthly installments directly by your employer, thanks to the convenient deductions on the employee’s salary, the same applies to pensioners but the deductions will be made on his pension.

With the sale of the fifth, Good Finance offers up to 50,000 USD in installments from 24 up to a maximum of 120 months, fixed rate for the entire duration of the contract. The loan is not finalized, therefore the customer does not have to provide the bank with the reasons for which the loan is requested.

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Alternatives to SMS loans | Borrowing money online /alternatives-to-sms-loans-borrowing-money-online/ /alternatives-to-sms-loans-borrowing-money-online/#respond Tue, 12 Nov 2019 12:03:31 +0000 /alternatives-to-sms-loans-borrowing-money-online/

An SMS loan has the advantage that you can get a small amount really quickly. A regular SMS loan (or micro-loan) is normally from about USD 1000 and up to USD 10,000, but many times loans of just a few thousand notes attract – and how quickly you can get the money in the account once you get approved.

It is very different what the money is used for


Some get an unexpected expense they have to take care of and have no buffer saved, so they have to borrow, while others want to buy something right now without waiting for the next salary. In some cases, it may simply be that the money is not enough at the end of the month and a little extra is needed to make it go around.

There are times when it is ok to take an SMS loan but every time you borrow you should think about how much it costs and what disadvantages a loan of this type has. Unfortunately, many people borrow smaller amounts when they really should not borrow at all. Of course, it is up to everyone to decide on their own finances, but here is some info on different alternatives that may be better than a loan in some cases.

When should you not take an SMS loan?


Before we come to any alternatives, it is best to first write something about when you should avoid fast loans of this type. The most obvious thing is that one should not borrow money to cover the cost of other loans or as a way of paying bills and costs for which there is no money. If there is no money coming in in the near future that can cover the money you borrowed, it means that you will only have trouble repaying the loan when it is time, and it is usually time after just 30 days or so.

A loan entails additional costs in the form of interest and fees and if you were short of money earlier it will not be better when you also have an SMS loan to repay. If you cannot afford to repay, it will be even worse as there will be late interest and late fees and then it will quickly become expensive. In addition, the case goes to debt collection and the Kronofogden fairly quickly.

You should also avoid borrowing just because you feel the urge to buy something that you cannot afford at the moment. If you see that new stylish mobile phone or winter jacket or necklace but do not have any money in your wallet, you should think carefully if it is so smart to buy it right now. Even if you get new money in a couple of weeks, it is still a bit unnecessary to borrow and have to pay interest and fees just because you can’t wait these weeks to get what you want.

Alternatives to SMS loans

Alternatives to SMS loans

There are a number of different options for you who want to find a solution other than taking out a loan. It is not certain that these solutions are necessarily better and we do not want to market them here as better and smarter alternatives to SMS loans – it is rather about explaining what alternatives are available.

Wait and save money

The very best thing you can do if you need money for something is to save that money together. You wait until you have collected a sufficient amount and then buy what you need. Of course, such a solution does not always work. If there is an unexpected cost for something that you have to pay directly, for example that the fridge breaks, you can not wait and save money.

In this case it is the use of a savings buffer. It is saved money that you have for emergencies, unexpected expenses, reduced income and such. It is a strong recommendation that you try to save together a buffer so that you are ready for future financial stumbling blocks.

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Financial worries are detracting from your beauty /financial-worries-are-detracting-from-your-beauty/ /financial-worries-are-detracting-from-your-beauty/#respond Sat, 02 Nov 2019 11:48:34 +0000 /financial-worries-are-detracting-from-your-beauty/

It is not an unknown phenomenon that financial frustration degrades your beauty. It has also been seen that people lose hair and nails because they are too stressed. This tendency is extremely unsustainable and you must try to avoid stress for everything in the world.

Especially if you do not want to let it go beyond its radiance and beauty. But what can be done to avoid these unfortunate and annoying tendencies of financial concerns? One of the best solutions is to completely remove the cause of concern. This may be easier said than done, but we do not mean it now.

By enrolling in an a-box, you can secure your finances and therefore completely disregard the risk of big brow wrinkles and stressed hair growth – if these are caused by your frustrations, well noticeable.

Beauty is psychological


When you say that beauty comes from within, it is actually not entirely wrong. It is true that the psychological element is also a relevant parameter for measuring beauty. This is also described in the paragraph above, but the key here is to remember that something as trivial as signing up to an a-box actually has an impact.

By joining an unemployment insurance fund, you are financially secured in situations where you are unemployed. Here, the a-box comes into character and works to get you back to work while not having to worry about finances. For you get unemployment benefit.

Sign up today


An a box works so that you pay a monthly fee to be a member. It differs from a box to a box in how much a membership fee is charged, and it may be worthwhile to check out the various players in the market first. When you are a member of an a box, you will in turn be able to receive unemployment benefit if you suddenly lose your job.

Your membership will ultimately fund the daily allowance you can receive if the accident occurs. It’s a smart way to secure you and your finances against unpredictable events. In addition, several a boxes also offer to help you with counseling and guidance if you could need it.

Your extra safety net


So if you want to invest in your future where you can never be fully insured against unemployment, an a box here is a possibility that you have a safety net. It is therefore recommended that you consider what the future may bring.

That way, by spending a few minutes of your everyday life right here and there, you can completely remove the worry from your future and safeguard yourself from accident. A membership in an a-box here will be a personal safety net for you and your family. It is therefore worth your time and your reflections on the future in the long run, as you can never quite know what the future brings.

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Connecting Directly to Rose Bank Customer Service /connecting-directly-to-rose-bank-customer-service/ /connecting-directly-to-rose-bank-customer-service/#respond Sun, 06 Oct 2019 11:39:27 +0000 /connecting-directly-to-rose-bank-customer-service/

In this article, we will provide you with information about a direct connection to Rose Bank Customer Service, direct connection to Rose Bank customer representative, immediate connection to Rose Bank customer service, direct connection to a customer representative. Everyone working with banks has sought customer service. We may need to get help by using the customer service number even in the questions we have in mind, problems we have and even in product applications. But you know, it’s not that easy to connect to customer service. It is very difficult for us to make many keystrokes and try to explain the voice response system with the new system. In this article, we will share all current methods of directly connecting to Rose Bank’s customer service. How to connect directly to Rose Bank’s customer representative?


Direct Connect to Rose Bank Customer Service

Direct Connect to Rose Bank Customer Service


Anyone working with banks knows that it is very difficult to connect to customer service. You can usually handle your transactions by making a voice response system and various keyings. However, in some cases, you may also need to meet the customer representative directly. For example, if you have a problem with your credit card, you may want to consult your customer representative if there is an unknown condition on your statement. In such cases, the voice response system is not enough to listen to information about the statement unfortunately is not a preferred method. For this reason, we will give information about the methods of direct connection to the Customer Representative. How to connect directly to Rose Bank Customer Services ?

First of all, you should find out the customer service number of the bank you receive service correctly. In some banks, individual customer service and commercial customer service may be different. Even if they connect you directly by transferring in-house, you may have a high chance of typing incorrectly. After calling Rose Bank customer service from the above number, you can directly connect to the operator by following the steps below.


Rose Bank Direct Connection to the Operator

customer service


  • After listening to the relevant menus and some warnings, the bank may ask for some information. (For example: Mobile Phone, Card Number, Customer Number, TC ID Number, etc.) After entering this type of information, let’s continue.
  • When the voice response system welcomes us, continue by saying “Customer Representative” followed by dışında Other than these ”.
    • If the voice response system fails, dial “3-0 sırasıyla in the corresponding menu. Allow 1 second interval when dialing.

You can also complete the direct connection process by considering the below image.

If you are still having problems connecting directly to customer service, you can ask in the comments section at the bottom and share your mind. If you want to get information about customer service numbers of all banks, you can visit our Customer Service section.

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Controllable credit rate /controllable-credit-rate/ /controllable-credit-rate/#respond Tue, 24 Sep 2019 11:45:39 +0000 /controllable-credit-rate/

The notion of controllable rate appeared in 2008 after the information report tabled by MP Frédéric Lefebvre. This set of proposals aims to improve the information of borrowers on adjustable rate loans . Among these provisions is a measure requiring banks to offer an alternative capped loan in any variable rate loan offer. This alternative can take various forms such as a capped rate whose nominal rate can not be two points higher than the floating rate rate. They may also be monthly payments limited in amount or duration. Although these provisions were not incorporated into the Consumer Code, an undertaking was signed by the French Banking Federation and the French Association of Financial Companies.


Rate manageable, an offer that is alternative

credit rate

Clément and Marine decided to apply for a loan of $ 10,000 to refurbish their home. They are at the stage of comparing offers. One bank offers them a variable rate loan of 4.80% over a period of 5 years and another at a rate of 5.2%, which is capped at 1%. The first proposal is interesting, provided that the rates are not affected by a sharp rise, which is difficult to predict over a period of five years. The second is more expensive, but the rate can not exceed 6.2%, regardless of the possible rise in market rates. Between security and immediate economy, the couple chooses the offer at a manageable rate thus paying its peace.


Consumer credit proposals

Consumer credit proposals

For several days, Junard has been studying consumer credit proposals. His bank offers him a solution in the form of a revolving loan and an alternative with capped monthly payments. The calculation over 5 years gives significant differences, the revisable rate being initially cheaper. There can be no guarantee, however, that the rate will not go up. The future borrower finally opts for capped monthly payments, thus being able to manage his budget with greater certainty.

Although he has the choice between a discounted consumer credit proposal at 4.20% and another with a rate of 5.60% capped at 1.5, Mario moves without hesitation towards the first. He thinks that the risk is slim to see the rate increase significantly during the first two years of his loan for a total period of 4 years and covering $ 15,000.

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