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How peer to peer private family loans work.


Today we talk about loans between individuals, very simple loans that are a real alternative to the normal traditional personal loans that are requested in banks or credit institutions. Let’s start with the main premise that, loans between private individuals are divided into two categories, namely peer-to-peer loans which are available on all platforms called “social lending” and private loans between family members which can be requested via private way. Both these forms of loan have in common the fact that they do not include any form of communication with the banks by the applicant.

Loans between private peer to peer

Loans between private peer to peer

Loans between peer to peer individuals can be requested through social leading, i.e. credit companies that are becoming increasingly popular in Italy, and which are becoming a valid alternative to banks as regards the world of loans. In practice, the exchange of loans therefore takes place in a virtual way and occurs through the digital platforms of some companies, companies that are authorized to work in the world of Social Lending.

These interpersonal loans are different from normal forms of financing also in that they are credit products that are totally independent of the presence of bank and financial intercessors. The digital peculiarity of this loan and the total absence of intermediary forms mean that the companies that deal with personal loans can usually offer their customers very low interest rates compared to the average.

Loans between individuals: loans between friends and relatives

Loans between individuals: loans between friends and relatives

A second type of loan between individuals provides those forms of financing directly between family members, friends, spouses and so on. These loans (read reviews on loans between individuals here) are an excellent alternative to the traditional forms of loan that are offered by banks and financial agencies.

Compared to loans obtainable from a bank or via the internet, these loans between private individuals allow the applicant to have an advantageous saving on the cost of interest rates. In fact, from case to case, you can decide together with the “loan donor ” what the interest percentage of the loan is, which can be very low or even equivalent to zero.

If you choose the zero rate, this is called a “donation”. Since the value of interest is not a value that is established by law, the two parties involved in the loan have the possibility to determine in total autonomy what the share of the interest will be. These quotas, however, must not be greater than the thresholds that the law establishes to protect parts from wear.

Goodweb: a platform for private loans

Smartweb: a platform for private loans

On the internet you can request personal loans between private Goodweb from a minimum of 1,000 up to a maximum of 15,000 USD, to be repaid from 12 to 28 months. This loan is given by the lenders present on Goodweb, or the people who have decided to offer their money for this purpose. To apply for this loan, the procedure is online, you don’t have to go to any bank. In a few minutes Goodweb will give his evaluation and communicate the conditions of the loan. The sum is delivered in a few days and is paid directly to your bank account.

To apply for the loan just fill in the request with all your personal and income information necessary for the success of the practice, also you must specify what the purpose of the loan is. Once all the documentation has been completed, signed through the digital signature service and given the consent to Goodweb to be able to check your credit situation, just send the request and in a few days you will have the requested money.

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