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Online credit without identity checking.

Online loans enable very quick and easy processing and are a very good alternative to a normal loan from a local bank. Unfortunately, according to the Money Laundering Act, all Cream Banks that offer online loans have to require their customers to use a Postident procedure. More exposition at pertaminipommini.com

This process, which is quite annoying for the customer, takes a lot of time and represents a great effort. For this reason, there is no way in Germany to get an online loan without Postident. This procedure is of course not used at a local bank, since the bank knows the customer personally.

Unfortunately impossible in Germany

Unfortunately impossible in Germany

If you want to apply for an online credit without Postident, you have a very bad card, because you will not find a Cream Bank that will do without the Postident procedure. The alternative would be a normal loan from a local bank or a car loan, for both loans no postident procedure is required.

Direct banks that do not know their customers personally want and need to be convinced of their identity. For this reason, the rather complex procedure is used for every loan application.

For many borrowers, an online loan without Postident would be even more convenient and could be applied for even faster, but the Cream Banking Act stands in the way. Without this procedure, the banks would not be able to offer online loans at all, so customers will have to endure the Postident procedure for good or bad, or go to a local bank.

Either Postident or a suitable loan on site

Either Postident or a suitable loan on site

Since online credit is unfortunately not possible without Postident, borrowers only have to go to a local bank. In such a case, the customers would not benefit from the favorable online conditions, the situation with foreign banks is not much different, here, too, the donors are usually bound by law to the unpopular process and there is no possibility of online Credit without postident.

At least the Postident procedure is free of charge for the borrower, nevertheless he must be able to prove his identity with his ID card at a German post office. Of course, this makes an online loan a little less attractive because not all the necessary steps can be carried out conveniently over the Internet.

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